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melbourne stripper angel doing strip tease

Melbourne Hot Vibe Stripper Angel.

Angel's specialties are strawberries and cream where they are only eaten off her naked body with the special person of the night picking several of their guests to do an 'all in feed' at the same time... followed by the special person having their own feed!
Angel's bubble bath show is an extremely wet wet wet part of her act where those who aren’t afraid to join in will definitely be grinning through the soap suds!
And each and every act Angel performs leaves the Victim of the night sparkling for weeks after - and if you want to know just how Angel makes them sparkle.. than go ahead and book her to find out... There is never a dull moment from her entrance on the night in full costume, to her bow at the end amongst a cheering crowd full of laughs!

melbourne stripper angel dressed as nurse


G-string Strip,
Straight Strip,
Bubble Bath Raunchy,
Strawberries and Cream Raunchy,

Hot Vibe.

melbourne stripper angel in white bikini


Cop, Cowgirl, Bad Kitty, Egyptian, Vampire, Santa's Little Helper, Secretary, Space Girl, Hawaiian Girl, Schoolgirl, Playboy Bunny, Catwoman, Bondage, Nurse, Sexy/Glamour, Harem Girl, Horny Devil.

melbourne stripper angel in pink bikini  melbourne stripper angel at melbourne bucks party










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